This is Catgut if he were to be reformed and joined the Pound Purries.

Catgut(Pound Purry Version)
New Catgut
Catgut, former villain turned Pound Purry


21 human years old
18 human years old(1.2 cat years old)(Three years ago)


Tuna sandwiches, Oolong Tea, Igor, tea, soft music, meditating, Michelle, his kittens


Katrina and Clawfinger, water


Ming(Younger sister)
Lee(Younger brother)
Igor(Good friend)
Sidney Bigelow(Owner)
Dr. Simon(Owner)
DJ and Faith Bigelow(Owners)
Kawasenshi(Friend and Student)
Catherine, Annie, and Sakura(Daughters)
Mikey, Yao, Ling, Po, Catgut Jr., and Kefka(Sons)

Real name

Tao Corleone


"Kefka"(By Igor)


Since he joined the Pound Purries, Catgut has lost some weight. He now wears a red Chinese jacket and a dark red scarf. He also has a scar on his stomach after saving Igor's life from Clawfinger. After three years, Catgut started wearing red pants and a headband.


After he was reformed, Catgut now regrets living his early life with Katrina. Catgut is now open-minded, intelligent, and sympathetic. He loves his family more than anything. He is now good friends with his former enemies, the Pound Puppies, especially Igor. However, he can have a short temper at times and can easily be annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity or July's puppy-like behavior. He forms a special bond with his wife, Michelle, and their nine kittens. When things get serious, Catgut does not hesitate to save his friends.

Catgut's favorite pastimes are listening to soft music, meditating, and drinking tea. In addition, he is good friends with Kawasenshi and Gamma.


Catgut has mastered martial arts and kung fu. He can also play a banhu, which is a chinese bowing instrument. In addition, he is also gifted with Puppy Power ever since he reformed. The only thing that hasn't changed is his hobby of knitting. He can also sing and use his knitting needles as weapons.


This is a fan-made prediction of Catgut created by Rigsrigsrigs10918 and CartoonLover.

According to his story, Catgut was born in Corleone's Pizzeria before he was adopted by Katrina Stoneheart.

His full name is Tao (Catgut) Corleone.


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