Carnation is a cat genie who is best friends with Wishbone and Ginnie.

Carnation, the cat genie


2,000 human years old


Wishbone and Ginnie, swimming, soccer, the Carmen Suite


Tiger Lily


Wishbone and Ginnie(Best friends)
Tiger Lily(Enemy)


Carnation is a Siamese cat with pink fur and black paws. She wears a blue and purple dress, white puffy pants and a pink fedora. She has sparkling blue eyes and yellow claws on her toes. She is the same height as Marcus.


When she was a kitten, Carnation was shy around others. She was taken in by another cat genie named Tiger Lily. After Tiger Lily and Carnation were free from their bottle, Carnation realized Tiger Lily's true intentions and helped Wishbone and Ginnie seal Tiger Lily for good. Carnation is somewhat scatter-brained and gullible, but on the inside, she is kind-hearted and intelligent. Her favorite past time is swimming and playing soccer. Whenever she hears music from George Bizet's Carmen Suite, Carnation goes into a dancing frenzy. She has no interest in romance.


Like Wishbone and Ginnie, Carnation has the ability to grant wishes. She is also a great soccer player. She is also capable of producing electricity based magic. She can play the sitar.


Carnation is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Tiger Lily, she hails from Giza, Egypt.

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