Candy, Andy, and Mandy are one-time characters who appeared in Where Do Puppies Come From/Pups on the Loose.

Candy, Andy, and Mandy
HNI 0062
Candy(left), Andy(middle), and Mandy(right) in Pups on the Loose

Presumed Ages

4 Dog Years Old(0.6 Human Years Old) Each


Playing with Each Other


Being Separated



Voice Actor and Actresses

Russi Taylor(Candy)
Benjie Gregory(Andy)
Thy Lee(Mandy)


Candy, Andy, and Mandy are triplet Samoyed/Plott Hound puppies. Candy has gray fur, like her father Rusty, and wears a green bow. Andy has vanilla fur and has a black mark on his left eye and two, small tufts on his cheeks. Mandy has Cadet gray fur. They each wear a Pine green dog collar.


They used to bicker with each other over things like who should lick the spoon, who should use green paint, and other stuff. Deep down, they really cared a lot for each other when they heard that they are going to be living with separate owners. They then learned their lesson and decide to get along with each other.


The Trouble with the Triplets<Pups on the Loose>

After they were given birth by Lucy, Candy, Mandy, and Andy usually bicker with each other, even when their parents are gone. Their constant bickering nearly got the better of them when they were almost captured by Katrina Stoneheart and accidentally broke Puppy Power. They then promised to get along with each other, causing Puppy Power to work once again. They are now living with their parents and their new owners at a farm.


  • Andy's voice actor Benji Gregory was the only pound puppies voice actor who was in the 80's Game Show Fun House, He was also one of the few to be in the 1987 Game Show, I'm Telling.
    • He was known for the role of Brian Tanner on the 1980's sitcom, ALF.
  • Candy's voice actress, Russi Taylor, is the current voice of Minnie Mouse.