Buster is a one time character who appeared in From Wags to Riches.

HNI 0027
Buster introduces himself in From Wags to Riches

Presumed Age

14 Dog Years Old(2 human years old)


Food, Spinning Around, Friends, Having a Home


Being Rejected, Being Accused



Nose Marie(Good friend)

Voice Actor

Ronnie Schell


Buster is a Mountain Cur with Tan fur and brown ears. He wears an Amber baseball cap and a Teal-colored T-shirt.


Buster has a habit of spinning around like a tornado, while "busting" anything his tornado hits, hence his name. He didn't learn about manners because there are no loving families to teach him manners. He was heartbroken when Nose Marie accused him of destroying the Belveshires' mansion. Buster speaks with a Brooklyn-accent. He forgave Nose Marie when she came to apologize to him.


Buster and the Pound Puppies<From Wags to Riches>

Buster arrived at Holly's Puppy Pound to get adopted. He, along with Holly and the Pound Puppies, were invited to the Belveshire's mansion to discuss the contribution to the pound. He stowed away on the Belveshires' limo when Nose Marie refused to let him go. When Catgut wrecked the mansion, Buster was accused of doing the dirty work. After learning at Catgut was the one who destroyed the mansion, Nose Marie went to find Buster and Buster forgave Nose Marie. He was then adopted by the Belveshires to cheer up Hubert, Lord and Lady Belveshire's son.


Ronnie Schell, who provided the voice for Buster, was known for his role as Duke in the 1960's TV Series, Gomer Pyle: USMC and as Larry Clakre in the 1960's TV Series, Good Morning World.

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