Brutus Stoneheart is the strongest member of the Stoneheart Six.

Brutus Stoneheart
Brutus Stoneheart
Brutus Stoneheart, the strongest of the Stoneheart Six


16 years old


His grandfather, weight-lifting, spinach


Cats, sweet foods


Katrina Stoneheart(Aunt)
Klaude Stoneheart(Uncle)
Konrad Stoneheart(Grandfather)


Brutus Stoneheart is a tall, muscular teenager. He wears a green muscle shirt with a red "S" on it, green pants, and black shoes. He has six, large strands of red hair on his head.


Brutus is the least intelligent member of the Stoneheart Six. However, he is obedient and loyal to his grandfather. Despite his tall height, he is very afraid of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart.


Because of his super strength, Brutus can crush a large truck into a metallic cube.


Brutus is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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