Brittney Stoneheart
Brittney Stoneheart
Brittney, the self-proclaimed princess of Paris.


16 years old


Jewelry, mice, fur coats, cotton candy


cats and dogs


Karl Stoneheart(Father) Trixie(Sister/enemy) Sasha Stoneheart(Younger Sister) Kaptain Kid Stoneheart(Cousin) French Mice(Pets)


I'm Numero Un!

 Brittney Stoneheart is the younger cousin of Kaptain Kid Stoneheart and a member of the Stoneheart Six.


Brittney Stoneheart is a teenaged girl with long, orange hair. She wears a striped shirt, a black tie, a black skirt, and black heels. She also wears a red beret and has brown eyes.


Brittney Stoneheart is cruel and black-hearted. She loves mice and has a complete dislike of cats and dogs. She loves french culture and, despite the fact that she was not born in France, speaks with a French accent. While she is loyal to Kaptain Kid, she is scared to death of him. Like her father, Brittney would abuse her younger sisters, Trixie and Sasha, whenever they get in her way of being the favorite child of Karl. Her battle cry is "I'm numero un!".


Brittney is skilled with a baton and uses it as a weapon.


Brittney Stoneheart is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

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