Bright Eyes the Cartoonist is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918, CartoonLover, Disneydude15, and Magic-is-cute.


Igor enlists Bright Eyes to draw pictures for Igor's pranks.


Part One

(In Igor's Puphouse, Igor writes down a few words like "Howler screaming at zombie version of Vigor on a Computer Screen", "Vigor getting whapped in the gut with a water balloon by Precious", "Whopper's Possessions inside his puphouse covered in wrapping paper", "Violet wearing a hockey mask scaring Momo", Howler saying exclamation, at symbol, ampersand, percent, and hyphen, after not getting in his computer." and "Gamma punching Marcus who wears a ghoul mask". He rests his feet on the desk and giggles.)

Igor: Hee hee hee hee hee hee! Thanks to Earth's Stupidest, my prank ideas never get old.

(Bright Eyes enters.)

Bright Eyes: Hi, Iggy.

Igor: Hello, Bright Eyes. Look at this silly prank. A guy and his friend pretend to shout gibberish in a pizza place. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Bright Eyes: (Giggling) That's funny, Iggy. And what's that?

(Bright Eyes grabs Iggy's Notes.)

Bright Eyes: Hidden air horns, alien joke, cinnamon challenge?

Igor: Those are my pranks. Most of them are unused because they cause physical or emotional pain.

Bright Eyes: Golly gee. Your morals as a prankster are.... very high. Is there anything I can do for you, Iggy?

Igor: Well....

Bright Eyes: Yes?

Igor: You might say no, but how do you feel about drawing something like drawing our friends in blueprints being pranked?

Bright Eyes:  Of course I'll help you out. I like to draw.

Igor: Bright Eyes. Thank you.

(Igor wraps his arms around Bright Eyes as he purrs like a cat and wags his tail.)

Bright Eyes: Iggy? Are you okay?

Igor: Uh.... (lets go of Bright Eyes) Sorry.

Bright Eyes: That's okay, Iggy. I'm used to getting hugs from you. So, where shall I start?

Igor: Why not something small, so that We don't ruffle anyone's fur. like... Ah! A Psychological Prank inspired by a Movie Cooler watched. It involves Nose Marie mostly covered in paper towels hanging from a line scaring Cooler in His bed. The Reason I don't do it in the real world is because I wouldn't want to give anyone a heart attack.

Bright Eyes: Okay, Iggy! I'll get started on it now.

(Bright Eyes grabs a piece of paper and pencil and sits down while drawing the picture.)

Igor: Take as Much time as You need. We're not on a Time limit.

Bright Eyes: Okay, Iggy.

(Spice, standing on his hands, enters.)

Spice: Hello, Iggy! Hello, Bright Eyes!

Igor: Hello.

Spice: Wha'cha doing?

Bright Eyes: I'm drawing some Prank Blueprints.

Spice: (Shrugging with his legs) Prank blueprints? What for?

Bright Eyes: Iggy's hoping to have everyone laugh at His unused pranks on pictures of paper.

Spice: May I have a look, Bright Eyes? (looks at The Picture, which is Howler Scared out of His wits at the sight of Catgut as a Zombie on a Computer Screen. Spice laughs hysterically and claps with his feet) Good one, Bright Eyes! Say, you guys mind if I help you out?

Bright Eyes: We appreciate the help, but I'm afraid this project is for Me and Iggy. but You can be a test audience member.

Spice: Okay, Bright Eyes. By the way, have you ever considered publishing those cartoons of yours?

Bright Eyes: Why, no. I haven't.

Spice: Well, you should publish those cartoons. The Puppy Power Times need a comic strip artist.

Igor: Well.. Maybe. What do you think, Bright Eyes?

Bright Eyes: I agree. I would love to insert Iggy's pranks into the comics section.

Spice: Let me know when your next cartoon is out.

Igor: (Thinking) I only hope this kind of stunt doesn't earn Us the wrath of Our friends...

(At Gamma's dojo, Witty, Cooler and Gamma are seen reading the newspaper.)

Cooler: Hey, check out this new comic strip.

(The trio look at Bright Eyes' drawing of one of Igor's pranks and laugh.)

Gamma: This is a good one.

Witty: Yes, Sensei Gamma.

Cooler: Hey, look, it's me getting frightened by Nose Marie in a ghost costume!

(Nose Marie enters.)

Nose Marie: May I see it, Cooler honey?

(Nose Marie looks at the cartoon.)

Nose Marie: Hmm. Sometimes, I wonder how you look like when you're scared.

Cooler: Me too.

(Later, Bright Eyes, Spice and Igor are looking over Bright Eyes' cartoons.)

Igor: Hmm...

(King enters.)

King: Hi there. I have a letter for you three. It's from everybody at the printing office. They're praising your cartoons.

Igor: Really? Let us see. (He, Bright Eyes and Spice look at the letter.) Bright Eyes, I'll let you read first.

Bright Eyes: Ok. (Reading the letter) Your first installment of the new cartoon, Iggy's pranks, have made the entire staff howl with laughter. Please make more.

Spice: They like them! They really like them!

Igor: They do?

(Spice dances while doing a handstand.)

Spice: You guys are geniuses!

(Spice hugs Igor and Bright Eyes.)

Spice: I knew they would like your cartoons.

Bright Eyes: Iggy, should I make more?

Igor: It's Your choice, Bright Eyes. just say the word.

Bright Eyes: Okay, let's make some more!

(Spice cheers as he claps his feet and hugs Igor and Bright Eyes again.)

Spice: I'm so happy for you two!

(Outside, Zany is talking to Darius.)

Zany: Did you hear the news?

Darius: What is it?

Zany: Bright Eyes created a new comic strip for the Puppy Power Times.

Darius: I'm guessing that she based her cartoons on Igor's blueprints. Am I right?

Zany: Yep.

Darius: I can hardly wait for the next cartoon.

Zany: Me too.

(Elsewhere, Marcus is reading the newspaper while bouncing Momo on his knee.)

Marcus: Hmm... Say, Momo. Look at this comic.

(Momo looks at the newspaper. Momo laughs.)

Momo: Very funny! It's Violet dressing up as a vampire and scaring me. (Laughs but stops.) Hey...

(Back at Igor's dog house, Spice is seen drawing with his toes.)

Spice: Maybe Bright Eyes and Iggy will give me a part-time job here.

(Igor and Bright Eyes look at Spice.)

Bright Eyes: Who knew that Spice is good at drawing with his feet?

Igor: Yeah.

Spice: Say, Bright Eyes, you should make a franchise out of your cartoons.

Bright Eyes: Really, Spice?

Spice: Yep! Everybody loves your cartoons. You made the best.

Bright Eyes: Thank you very much, Spice.

Spice: Anytime, Bright Eyes.

(King enters with a mail bag.)

Bright Eyes: Hi, King.

Igor: Take a rain check, I'm doing research on pranks. This one is about slicking up the bathroom floor with butter, and some geek slips up. Ouch!

King: Ah, planning your next cartoon, I see.

Bright Eyes: Yep. We sure are, King.

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