Brezza is the younger sister of Cavallo.

Brezza, Cavallo's little sister


9 human years old
6 human years old(Three years ago)


Her older brother, art, movies, pizza


Fighting, beetles


Cavallo(Older brother)
Tony the Artist(Mentor)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Jelly Bean(friend)


Brezza is an Angora kitten with white fur and a fluffy tail with tan stripes on it. She wears a rainbow shirt, pink skirt, and a yellow straw hat with a purple flower in it. She also has long brown hair and blue eyes. She is the same height as Bright Eyes. After three years, Brezza started to wear a pink vest and keeps her hair in a ponytail.


Unlike her brother, Brezza is soft and gentle. She does not believe in fighting, and is good friends with Precious. She also enjoys ballet dancing with Jelly Bean. Also unlike her brother, she is not interested in books and prefers watching TV and movies especially comedies. Like her brother, she enjoys eating pizza. Brezza also speaks with an Italian accent, but her accent is softer and lighter than Cavallo's accent. She is not bothered by Dumbo's stupidity. Brezza has a crush on Roy. She has a phobia against beetles.


Like her brother, Brezza is a talented artist. She can also play the tambourine. Brezza is also a great dancer. She is also gifted with Puppy Power.


Brezza is a fan made craracter created by Magic-is-cute.

Her name is Italian for "Breeze".

Along with her older brother, Brezza hails from Bellagio, Italy.

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