Brawly is the oldest brother of Wally and Scaly.

Brawly 2
Brawly, the quick-tempered fighter


21 years old


Training, tacos with lemon juice, Serenity, Gamma, pine


Getting provoked, cockroaches, perfume, skunks, garlic


Scaly(Younger sister)
Wally(Younger brother)


Brawly is a muscular mink with red fur, a pink nose, dark red ears, and spiky tufts on his cheeks. He wears green and yellow shorts, black sandals and a brown headband. When he takes off his sandals, he reveals scars on his feet. He also has blue eyes and long, dark hair. He is a few centimeters shorter than Sarge. During the summer, Brawley wears a white sleeveless shirt and yellow swimming trunks. When he goes to sleep, he wears a black jumpsuit.


While Brawly is kind, adventurous and friendly, he has the shortest temper than any other mink. Whenever someone disrespects him and his friends, Brawly is likely to attack. However, he does his best to keep his temper under control. He also enjoys training and is good friends with Tai Bo. His favorite food is tacos with lemon juice. He has a crush on Serenity. Brawly has a phobia against cockroaches. He shows great respect towards his mentor, Gamma. He also has a sensitive nose. As such, he has a strong dislike for perfume, skunks and garlic. He does enjoy the scent of pine.


Brawly has incredible strength and excellent flexibility. He is also an expert Muy Thai boxer. He can also play the guitar.



Brawly is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His full name is Bruce Alexander Gilbert.

Like his siblings, Brawly hails from Richmond, Virginia.

He is the sixth mink to not join the Mink Gang. He is also the fourth mink to have a different fur color.

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