Brass is a member of the Unlucky Thirteen.

New Brass
"Brass, the friendly cat"


4 human years old(Reformed
23 human years old


Bidding his comrades around(Formerly)


Mice, dogs(Formerly)


Emperor Robin Murgatroyd(Master)
Sen Sen(Leader)
Stefan, Pan, Amster, Hayate, Pablo, Georgia, Rosa, Franco, Rufus, Rita, and Tai Bo(Comrades)


"CatRaizer Pinecone"


April 10th, 5012(original birthdate)
April 10th, 1992(current birthdate)


Brass is a Kurilian Bobtail cat with tan fur, tan ears and a brown muzzle. He wears a light green coat, black and white pants and a military cap. He has short, Gray hair. He is the same height as Marcus. After he reformed, Brass started wearing a jade green sweater. He was also the same height as Bright Eyes. After he was affected by Howler's Auto-Ager, Brass gained his original age and height.


Brass is authoritative and tends to boss around his comrades, even though he knows that Sen Sen is the leader. He was also loyal to Emperor Murgatroyd and doesn't like dogs at all. He is afraid of mice, which the other cats find hilarious and ironic. After he reformed, Brass started to form a special bond with Marcus.


He is an expert at karate and uses his baton as a melee weapon. Brass can play the saxophone.


Brass is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from Tinley Park, Illinois.

His CatRaizer name is "CatRaizer Pinecone".

His birthday is April 10th, 5012. In the present, his birthdate would have been April 20th, 1992.

His full name is Brady "Brass" Topper.


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