Brambles is the younger brother of Pupnick.

Brambles, the younger brother of Pupnick


11 dog years old
8 dog years old(1.1 human years old)


Pupnick, reading comic books, playing video games, dancing


Dr. Paw


Pupnick(Older brother)
Tatyana(Older Sister)
Baxter and Pupnick Jr.Nephews)
Roxanne and Cherry(Nieces)
Pat and Lorna(Brother and Sister-in-Laws)

First Appearance

The Paw Flaw


Brambles is a Shiba Inu puppy with white fur and a bushy tail. He wears an aqua and pink striped shirt, black shorts, and a red fedora with an aqua feather on it. He also has short, dark hair. Brambles is the same height as Bright Eyes. Three years later, Brambles started wearing a green sweat shirt with his name written on it in red letters.


Brambles is energetic, fun-loving, friendly, and caring. He is close to his older brother, Pupnick. He has a strong dislike against Dr. Paw. Like Pupnick, he also has a habit of doing the hopak whenever he is in a happy mood. In addition, he also speaks with a Russian accent. He doesn't mind Dumbo and finds his antics funny. He likes to read comic books to pass time. He also likes to play arcade games.


Like Pupnick, Brambles is a talented dancer. He can also play the ocarina and conga drum. After training under Gamma, he is practicing capoeira.


Brambles is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Pupnick and July, he hails from Mongrowlia.

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