Blacky, the leader of the Chaos Dogs


25 dog years old


His dream of being master of the World, evil


Neo Pound Puppies


Sharko and Darku(Henchmen)
Calvin, Cooler and Casey(Younger siblings)
Neo Pound Puppies (Enemies)

Blacky is the leader of the Chaos Dogs. He also serves as a villain in the fan-made series.


Blacky is a beagle/bloodhound/pointer mix with white black. His ears are brown, his collar is black. There was a bite on his right ear. There are two scars on his right eye and his right arm. His cloak is black with red in his cloak. There is a red ball holding his cloak.


Blacky is like a lone wolf. He prefers to take care of his enemies alone. He is arch-enemies with Rover. He also harbors a deep hatred towards Calvin, Cooler and Casey. He speaks in a low, bass voice similar to Captain Slaughter's voice.


Blacky has a strong power in him. In the revelation, his power is darkness and it is still used in combat. But, it can cause suffering to everyone with his power. He is a formidable kick-boxer.


Blacky is an original character created by Doly Carvalho

He is actually the oldest brother of Calvin, Cooler and Casey who vows to kill them after being left behind.


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