Bjorn is the descendant of Bartrand.

Bjorn, Bartrand's descendant


6 dog years old


Playing cowboy, French toast, eggs


Those who hurt his friends, peanut butter


Bartrand, Byron, Betty, Cooler, Nose Marie, and Spats(Ancestors)
Steppenwolf, Venus, Derek, Ima, Antha, Jayden Jr., Jorge, Verde Shiawase, Yorokobi, Zara, Fritz, Yai, and Ethel(Friends)

Full Name

Bjorn Howard Armstrong


September 12th, 2131


Bjorn is a Alaskan Husky/Beagle mix puppy with dark fur, white feet, a white muzzle and brown ears. He wears a red and white striped shirt with red sleeves, white shorts and a brown ten-gallon hat. He also has tufts on his cheeks and short, brown hair. He is the same height as Igor. He also has a heart-shaped birthmark on his left arm.


Bjorn is friendly and playful. He spends his time playing cowboy with his friends. He often looks up to Usagi and Bartand as mentors. He has a habit of scratching his ears with his feet. Bjorn is allergic to peanut butter. His favorite food is French toast and eggs. He speaks in a soft Southern accent. Bjorn also inherited Bartrand and Cooler's goofy laugh.


Bjorn is good at playing bongos and dancing. He can also sew clothes, play baseball and sing.


Bjorn is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Bjorn hails from Houston, Texas.

His full name of Bjorn Howard Armstrong Smith.

He is the descendant of Bartrand and Spats.

He inherited the heart-shaped birthmark from Cooler.

During his time, his ancestor, Bartrand, became a kindergarten teacher for puppies and kittens in the year 2122.

His birthday is September 12th, 2131.

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