Biff Barker is a one-time character who appeared in Ghost Hounders. He is also the star of Whopper's favorite TV show, Ghost Hounders.

Biff Barker
HNI 0050
Biff Barker, star of Ghost Hounders

Presumed Age

34 dog years old(4.9 human years old)


Being appreciated




Whopper(Good friend)

Voice Actor

Chuck McCann


Biff Barker is a Basset Hound with tan fur and black ears. He wears a green jacket. He also has two sharp teeth on his lower jaw. He also has a tuft of his fur between his ears to resemble hair.


On TV, Biff Barker is not afraid of anything. In reality, however, Biff is scared of ghosts. After finding out that the Terrible Terrier is fake, Biff Barker proved his courage by saving the Pound Puppies with Cooler's help, proving that underneath his self-centered personality, he cares about others. He is also conceited and somewhat narcissistic, as he often looks at himself in the mirror and comments on his looks.


The Terrible Terrier Incident<Episode 13: Ghost Hounders>

The Pound Puppies sent him a howligram to fight the Terrible Terrier. When Biff came face-to-face with the Terrible Terrier, his true nature was revealed. He was afraid of ghosts. His fear caused the Pound Puppies to no longer trust him. After Biff Barker and his agent, Yapper, found out that the Terrible Terrier is Catgut in disguise, Cooler, Biff, and Yapper rescued the other Pound Puppies from being turned into fur coats. After Biff proved his courage, Whopper once again found him as a hero. He and Yapper helped the Pound Puppies teach Katrina Stoneheart a lesson by covering themselves in flour and scare Katrina, Brattina, and Catgut out of town.


Since Biff is an actor, he does his own stunts, as he, along with Cooler, is seen jumping on top of the truck where the other Pound Puppies are held.


The TV show Biff Barker stars in, Ghost Hounders, is a parody of the 1984 film, Ghost Busters.


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