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Bella Furr is a former outlaw that joined the Pound Purries.

Bella Furr
Bella Furr the neat Long Claw


18 Human years old


Being Clean


Getting Dirty; The Stoneheart Six


McWhisker(Good Friend)
Samson(Good Friend)


Bella Furr is an american shorthair cat that wears a red sweater and hat. She has tan fur dark hair and yellow eyes. She also wears gray pants and a magenta scarf.


Bella Furr is nice and forgiving. Before she joined the Pound Purries she was mean and rude. After she joined the Pound Purries she became friends with McWhisker and Samson. She can't get dirty like Beamer she pefers to keep things clean. She is also respectful towards Howard, her owner.


Bella is at playing the guitar.


Bella Furr is a fan made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like Billy the Kitten, Bella hails from Arlington, Texas.

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