"Bark, Your Honor" is a fan made episode written by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.


When Cooler is framed by the Stoneheart Six for robbing a pet store, the heroes seek help from a dog Detective named Puppy Mason.


Part 1

(Holly and Cooler are playing checkers in the pound building when Chief Williams and Officer Doogal walk in.)

Chief Williams: Are you Cooler Howard Smith?

Cooler: Yes.

Officer Doogal: You're questioned for robbing a pet store. Come with us. 

Cooler: Huh?! But, I didn't do it!

(Gamma enters.)

Gamma: Hey, Williams, Doogal, lay off. He didn't do it.

(Chief Williams and Officer Doogal turn to Gamma.)

Chief Williams: How did you know he didn't do it?

(Gamma shows a camera and it shows six large figures robbing a pet store.)

Gamma: Do they look like Cooler to you?

Chief Williams: Oh! We're sorry. We thought you did it because we've heard you did it.

Officer Doogal: We'll find the real suspects soon. Have a nice day.

(Officer Doogal and Chief Williams leave.)

Cooler: Thank you so much, Gamma.

Gamma: You're welcome, Cooler. Now, here is a good question: Who really robbed the pet store and pinned the blame on you?

Cooler: I don't know, but there's something funny going on around here and I'm not laughing.

Gamma: Neither am I. Well, I happen to know someone who will help you clear your name.

Cooler: Really, who?

Gamma: His name is Puppy Mason.

Cooler: Who's Puppy Mason?

(Chew Chew enters.)

Chew Chew: Who is Puppy Mason?! He's one of the best dog detectives since Sherlock Bones!

Cooler: Are you sure he'll help me?

Chew Chew: Absolutely. If he can't help you, I don't know who will.

(Puppy Mason enters.)

Puppy Mason: Someone called for me?

(The others notice him.)


Puppy Mason's name is a parody of Perry Mason.

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