Astro is a fox who is Bintang's assistant.

Astro, Bintang's assistant


15 years old


Astronomy, Vanilla Ice Cream, Tomato Soup, Bintang, mythology




Bintang, Dexter, Gamma, Slushy, and Cooler(Friends)


Astro is a red fox with orange fur, white paws and tufts coming out of his cheeks. Astro wears a brown and mahogany shirt with black sleeves, red shorts, a pink bowtie, and a green baseball cap. He also has blond hair. Astro is the same height as Howard.


Astro is easy-going and happy-go-lucky. He often accompanies his good friend, Bintang. Like Bintang, Astro longs to be a famous astronomer. His favorite food is vanilla ice cream and tomato soup. He is also good friends with Dexter, Gamma, Cooler, and Slushy. He is not interested in romance. Astro is fascinated with mythology.


Astro is studying astronomy. He is practicing karate. He can also play the bongos and sing.


Astro is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

He hails from Helena, Montana.

His full name is Astro Turner.

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