Artie is the youngest child of Tony the Artist and Tricolor.

Artie 3 Years Later
Artie, the youngest son of Tony the Artist and Tricolor


5 dog years old
2 dog years old(0.3 human years old)(Three years ago)


His family, painting, Pup Lee movies


Leeches, pasta jokes


Tony the Artist(Father)
Mona Lisa(Older sister)
Dino(Older brother)
Carrie(Best friend)
Catgut Jr.(Best friend)

Real Name

Aristotele Luigi de Pastel


Artie is a Basset Hound/Cocker Spaniel/Retriever mixed puppy with yellow fur and brown and white ears. He wears a light blue shirt with white sleeves, black pants, and a purple beret. He also has short, dark hair and is usually seen carrying a large paint brush on his back. After three years, Artie started wearing a black cape and grew longer hair.


Like his father, Artie has a passion for art, although he is more patient than his father. He is sweet, considerate, polite, and loving. He also speaks with an Italian accent, which he inherited from his father. Artie finds Dumbo funny and is not bothered by his stupidity. His favorite pasttime is making sketches and watching Pup Lee movies. He is best friends with Carrie and Catgut Jr. Like his father, he can't stand pasta jokes because "even I wouldn't laugh at those jokes.". He is highly afraid of leeches.


Despite his young age, Artie is an expert paint and martial artist.



Artie is a fan-made character created by Magic-is-cute and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

His real name is Aristotele Luigi de Pastel.

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