Aquarius is a member of the Zodiac Dozen.

New Aquarius
"Aquarius, the artistic mer-dog"


16 years old


Painting, sketching, lima bean soup, his sister, vanilla ice cream, apple juice, comedy shows, his violin


Fish, Pluto McCartney, tomatoes, Jackal Johnson, celery, onions, chocolate


Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius(Friends)
Pluto McCartney, Jackal Johnson, and Jack Rabbit Gang(Enemies)

Full Name

Aquarius Luigi Colombo


Zodiac 3


Zodiac 3: Aquarius!


February 12th, 1999


Aquarius is a mer-dog with yellow fur and orange ears. He wears an aqua shirt with the Aquarius constellation on it, a green cloak with the Aquarius sign on it, green pants, and a water helmet. He has aqua green eyes and aqua green hair. Aquarius is a few inches taller than Howard. He also has the Aquarius sign birthmark on his right leg. His casual attire consists of a green T-shirt with the Aquarius sign on it and aqua green shorts, but he still keeps his water helmet due to fact that he needs water to keep himself hydrated while on land.


Aquarius is an artistic individual who dreams about becoming the world's first mer-dog artist. He spends his time sketching, sculpting and painting. Although he is a mer-dog, he has a strong hatred against fish because if their smell and taste. Aquarius was happy to be reunited with his sister after Pluto's defeat. He speaks in a low, tenor voice. His favorite food is lima bean soup with oyster crackers, apple juice and vanilla ice cream.  He also enjoys watching comedy shows and playing his violin. Along with fish, Aquarius' least favorite food are tomatoes, onions, chocolate, caviar, macadamia nuts, and celery.


Aquarius is an expert artist, as he paints and sketches the first thing that catches his eye. He can also control water magic. Aquarius can play the violin. His back-up weapons are his chisel and hammer that he uses to make sculptures. He sings in a baritone voice and is known to be a graceful dancer.



Aquarius is a fan-made character created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Like most mer-dogs, Aquarius and his sister hail from Doglantis. Although he can change into his swimming form, he prefers to stay in his land form and never go back to Doglantis due to the fact that he hates fish.

The reason why he hates fish is because he was nearly swallowed by a whale when he was a mer-puppy.

His full name is Aquarius Colombo. His codename is  Zodiac 3.

Aquarius is the third member to join the Zodiac Dozen.

His birthdate is February 12th, 1999.

After the fall of Pluto McCartney, he currently works at Capricorn's ranch.

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