Antony, the magicain thief


25 dog years old


Stealing bones, gyros


Neo Pound Puppies


Chaos Dogs (Friends)
Big Paw and Rover (Enemies)

Antony is known to be the name of the magician thief. He works for of the Chaos Dogs. He also serves as a villain in the fan-made series.


Antony is a Beagle with brown fur. His ears are dark brown, there is a monocle on his right eye. His hat is black and it looks like a magician's hat. He has a red bow tie on his neck.


Antony is very smart, he thinks only of taking and even steals things hang nights. He is very quick to escape from his enemies. He is a huge fan of Blackbone. Like Darku, he is easily annoyed by Sharko's stupidity. His favorite food is gyros. He speaks in a baritone Greek accent.


Antony uses magic weapons to disappear like a real magician. His hat is a makeshift boomerang.


Antony is an original character created by Doly Carvalho.

He hails from Athens, Greece.

He actually works as Dragon's right hand to keep an eye out on Blacky.

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