Antonio, formerly known as "Antonio the Avaricious", was one of the members of the Devil Dog Seven.

Antonio the Acceptable
"Antonio the Acceptable"


38 dog years old
35 dog years old(5 human years old)


Charities, Money(formerly), jewels(formerly), pork buns, steaks, Apple juice, Pamela, Tony, historical documentaries


His older brother, those who are greedy at heart, bats, dolls, insects


Count Zanzibar(Former Owner)
Bartrand(Adopted Brother)
Stephanie(Adopted Sister)
Vivian(Adopted Sister)
Darius(Adopted Brother)
Ian(Adopted Brother)
Jayden(Adopted Brother)
Julio(Older brother)
Tony Rigs(Owner)
Elaine(Current Owner)
TJ Rigs(Former Owner)
Chew Chew(Adopted Brother)
Drumstick(Adopted Brother)
Gamma(Good friend and mentor)
July(Adopted sister)
Tori(Adopted sister)
Saffron, Yakima, Ethan, and Victoria(Adopted siblings)


"Antonio the Avaricious"(Formerly)
Devil Dog One(Formerly)
Devil Dog Avaricious(formerly)
The Seeking Superstar(Formerly)
PoundRaizer Lavender
The Generous Genius
Antonio the Acceptable


The Seeking Superstar: I am Antonio the Avaricious!(Formerly)
The Generous Genius: They call me Antonio the Acceptable!
PoundRaizer Lavender, reporting for charity!

First Appearance

World Tour Part 1: Enter the Devil Dog Seven

Full Name

Antonio Gomez Emilio Picasso Barkerville


June 11th, 2702(original birthdate)
June 11th, 1977(Current birthdate)


Antonio is a tall Rat Terrier with Brown fur, a small tail and small, black ears. Before he joined the Pound Puppies, he wore a purple cape, a pink shirt with the word "greed" on it and gray shorts. He also has short, blond hair. He is taller than TJ.

After he joined the Pound Puppies, he wears a purple and pink checkboard-designed sweater and black pants.  Antonio is considered to be the tallest of the former Devil Dogs and the second tallest member of the Pound Puppies. When dressing up as PoundRaizer Lavender, he wears a purple helmet with a light pink vizor, a purple shirt with the word "charity" on it, and black shorts.

Three years later, Antonio grew longer tufts on his cheeks and facial hair. He also started wearing a magenta, pink and purple trenchcoat and sometimes a purple fedora. During the summer, Antonio wears purple and pink striped swimming trunks. When he goes to sleep, Antonio wears a one piece pink and purple striped pajama suit. When he goes to the dojo, he wears a purple karate uniform and a black belt. When he was a puppy, Antonio wore a purple shirt and pink pants, but his clothes were in rags after he moved away from Zaragosa, Spain.


Before he joined the Pound Puppies, Antonio was heartless and greedy. He loved money, jewels, and gold. He had a strong dislike for charities because he thought charities have nothing to do but rob people of their money. Since he had strong dislike against his older brother, he showed no concern for his poverty-stricken family. He had shown some signs of intelligence, as he invented a doll version of himself to stall Gamma.

After reforming and joining the Pound Puppies, he became more generous. He also became good friends with Barkerville, who is his ancestor, and Violet. He is easily annoyed by Dumbo's stupidity. Antonio speaks with a smooth Spanish accent. Antonio is afraid of bugs. He had a crush on Pamela and later married her. His least favorite movie is Plushie Pam and Peter: A Musical Odyssey, which caused him to develop Pediophobia, which is the intense fear of dolls. He is close to Elaine.

His favorite type of music is opera. His favorite food is pork buns, bologna, steak and apple juice. He likes to watch historical documentaries on TV. Antonio is slightly anti-social.


Antonio's Childhood

As a puppy, Antonio was raised on a farm that was struck by poverty. Antonio then ran away from his farm, only to come across Count Zanzibar. When Count Zanzibar offered him the lap of luxury, Antonio agreed and joined the Devil Dog Seven.

Antonio Reforms

After Count Zanzibar's defeat, Antonio reforms and joins the Pound Puppies.


Antonio is an expert at Muy Thai boxing after training under Count Zanzibar. He also holds a special pose when introducing himself. He is also an amazing inventor.

While dressed up as PoundRaizer Lavender, Antonio relies on his muy thai boxing skills during combat. He also serves as the team's machinist. He can also play the bongos and guitar. He sings in a bass voice.


Antonio is a fan made character created by CartoonLover and Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Antonio is Barkerville's only descendant.

Antonio was also known as "Devil Dog 1."

His Japanese name is Akira the Avaricious.

Antonio was born in the northern wealthy district of Zaragoza, Spain, but his family moved to the countryside because they don't have enough money to pay the bills.

Antonio also has chirotophobia, which is the intense fear of bats.

His full name is Antonio Gomez Emilio Picasso Barkerville.

In Jorge and Verde's timeline, Antonio earned a Nobel prize for one of his famous novels he wrote on March 8th, 2100.

According to his age, Antonio was born on June 11th, 2702. In the present, he would have been born on June 11th, 1977.


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