Amar and Amir are twin tigers who are poets.

Amar and Amir
Amar and Amir
Amar(left) and Amir(right), twin tiger poets


8 years old each


Poetry, Lalita and Lolita, Holly, Salad




Lalita and Lolita(Love interests)


Amar and Amir are twin Bengal tigers with orange fur and sharp claws on their toes. Amar wears a black and pink striped shirt and yellow pants. Amir wears a pink shirt and aqua shorts. They both have brown hair. They are the same height as Lalita and Lolita.


Amar and Amir are both easy going and friendly. Amar is more mature than Amir. They each have crushes on Lalita and Lolita. They each are fascinated with poetry and reading. They look up to Holly as a role model because of her kindness. Amar and Amir are both lactose intolerant. Their favorite food is salad. They prefer not to fight.


Amar and Amir are both good poets. Amar plays the cello while Amir plays the guitar. They can also sing and dance.


Amar and Amir are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

They both hail from Goa, India.

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