Akira and Natsume are Momo's biological parents.

Akira and Natsume
Momo's Parents
Akira and his wife, Natsume


Akira:49 Dog Years old(7 human years old)

Natsume: 45 Dog Years old(6.4 human years old)


Momo, Ayame, Violet, Marcus


Those who try to hurt Momo


Violet Vanderfeller(Daughter in Law)
Valentine Vaderfeller(Daughter-in-Law)
Vito Q. Vanderfeller(Brother-in-law)
Valerie Vanderfeller(Sister-in-Law)
Vincent Vanderfeller(Grandson)
Misaki and Mitsuki Vanderfeller(Granddaughters)
Taro Vanderfeller(Grandson)
Muraski(Akira's Grandfather)
Hayato(Natsume's Father)
Kagura(Natsume's Great-Great Grandmother)


Akira and Natsume are both Hokkaido dogs with light brown fur. Like their son, they both wear traditional Japanese clothing. Akira wears a yellow kimono with blue rain-drop designs. He keeps his dark hair in a topknot. Natsume wears an orange kimono with red diamond designs.


Akira is the silent of the two, like Momo. Natsume usually speaks for Akira and for herself. They get along with Marcus and Violet. They also protective of their son.


Akira was once a famous samurai dog. He was skilled in swordsmanship. Natsume practiced martial arts.


Akira and Natsume are fan-made characters created by Rigsrigsrigs10918.

Akira's name is Japanese for "Bright" and Natsume's name is Japanese for "Summer".

Like Momo, Akira and Natsume were born in Hokaiddo, Japan.

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