(Inside Saffron's Puphouse, Saffron is in Her bed, and wakes up to see Her calendar.)

Saffron: (Yawns.) Ah! State Fair at Grandpa Rusty and Granny Lucy's Farm! but first...

Saffron: Holly, Within Reason, I'd like some time off to help Gramps and Granny with the Annual State Fair at the Farm Division.

Holly: Sure, Saffron. The State Fair is the event most farmers look forward to. including Your Ancestors' owners.

Saffron: The farm has plenty of sponsors for the fair. Last Year, on Their first visit to a Fair in another state... (Flashback to the State Fair which involves making a scarecrow made of vegetables. on a podium, An Elderly Man was on the 1 Spot, as a Scientist was on the 2 Spot, and Rusty and Lucy's Owners was on the 3 spot.) We only got Third Place. but We gained plenty of popularity. (Flashback ends.)

Holly: Ok, Saffron. best of luck on the state fair.

Saffron: Thank You, Holly. Oh! Tell Scruffles that I'll be at the state fair helping Grandpa and Granny. (Saffron runs and goes inside Her puphouse. then takes out Her broadcasting equipment, then picks up the receiver.) Puppy Pound calling Farm Division.

(an Electric current goes through the phone lines and reaches the Farm Division. Lucy notices the Broadcasting Equipment's bulb light up.)

Lucy: That must be Saffron calling. (Picks up the receiver.) Go ahead.

Saffron: Ah! Granny Lucille. I'd like to let You know that I'm on My way to the Farm Division soon.

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