A Dog's Life is a fan made episode written by Doly Carvalho


This story takes place a year after the bone of Scone is saved by Cooler and the rest of the group, a new generation of Pound Puppies live with Jeff and Tammy and their names Rover, Tokky, Starlia, Steveno and Cresella and they are the Neo Pound Puppies. Blacky wants to destroy the Pound Puppies and sent Catgut at Jeff and Tammy. But Catgut meeting the Neo Pound Puppies and he is beaten by Rover. Later, Blacky meant that Neo Pound Puppies and a new adventure begins.


Part One

(A year later the Bone of Scone is saved by the old generation of Pound Puppies. There are five new dogs live with Jeff and Tammy's Pound.)

Puppy 1: I love my new life

Puppy 5: I know Rover and you want to play with me

Rover: I do not have time for that Cresella

Cresella: I understand big brother

Rover: You can ask other friends if they want to play with you

Cresella: Okay

(Cresella request another puppy)

Puppy 2: Hi Cresella

Cresella: Hi Tokky

Tokky: What do you want?

Cresella: I wonder if you want to play with me?

Tokky: Not Now

Cresella: But why?

Tokky: Because I have to finish building a machine

(Cresella looking Tokky's machine)

Cresella: What is that?

Tokky: This is my new creation and I called the bone researcher

Cresella: Cool

Tokky: It's great with that, this machine can find many bones

Cresella: I see you are very busy for that and I will ask the other two

(Cresella runs away and she still sees the two puppies.)

Puppy 3 & 4: Hi Cresella

Cresella: Hi Starlia and Steveno

Steveno: What do you want from us?

Cresella: I wonder if you can play with me?

Starlia: We can not play with you

Cresella: I understand that you're busy and I'm sorry about that

(Cresella became sad)

Starlia: Poor Cresella, she only wanted to play with us

Rover: I'll talk to him

(Rover will to his sister and Cresella made a hug to his brother)

Rover: We promise you we will play with you

Cresella: Really?

Pound Puppies (Except Cresella): Yes

Cresella: Okay

(In Holly's Puppy Pound, a black dog with two dogs remain in the shadows.)

Black Dog: I hate life, I hate that everyone is happy in this city

Black / White Dog : What we gonna do?

Blue Dog: I know we can fight against other

Black / White Dog : No Sharko

Sharko: Any idea Shakky?

Black / White Dog : My name is Darku not Shakky and you must respect me moron

Sharko: I'm not a moron

Black Dog (Anger) Stop you two!

(Sharko and Darku fear)

Black Dog: You are both stupid to think to play like two kids!

Sharko & Darku: (Fear) Yes Master Blacky

(Blacky always looks the window and sees humans with their dogs are very happy)

Blacky: They are very happy! They are very happy and I toujous becomes crazy with this!

Sharko: What you can do against that?

Blacky: We do nothing against that. But, it will destroy his Pound Puppies

Darku: You mean the Pound Puppies that live in the Pound with two humans

Blacky: Do you understand

Sharko: What we will do with this?

Blacky: You're an idiot or what!?!

Sharko: No master

Blacky: We will destroy his cursed Pound Puppies and like that, we will be the masters in this city.

Darku: I like your plan

Sharko: I finally fight against his Pound Puppies

Blacky: But first, we have to send a lot of people they can do that to our seats

Sharko: Who is first sent first to destroy his Pound Puppies

Blacky: I know, we will send a former enemy who knows the Pound Puppies

Darku: You mean this cat

Blacky: Yes, I speak of Catgut

(So Catgut appears and arrives to Blacky)

Catgut: You have me call my master

Blacky: Yes, and I want you to destroy these cursed Pound Puppies

Catgut: All right my master

(After Catgut disappears and Blacky smiles)

Part Two

(In Jeff and Tammy's Pound)

Rover: We must find an idea?

Starlia: We can help Jeff and Tammy

Rover: But the problem, they are always busy to adoption records, Starlia

Starlia: I forgot

Tokky: We can not do anything

Cresella: You can sing a song

Steveno: This is not the time Cresella

(But Cresella does not listen and starts singing)

Cresella: (Sings) I always dream to become stronger, I will not be abandoned by everyone, You have to know the time gives our life It should be fun when you are still young And like that, you have enjoyed the time

It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross

Rover: (Sings) I am the leader of the group, I understand what you mean, That's when we forget to have fun

Starlia: (Sings) must believes that life gives us surprises We must understand our life when we are young

Neo Pound Puppies: (Sing) It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross

Tokky: (Sings) I love the inventions But I really forget the word "fun"

Steveno: (Sings) I am still very young, We must stop thinking of working And we must entertained and enjoyed our time

Neo Pound Puppies: (Sing) It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross It should be fun in life when one is still very young It's like life, we must cross

Cresella: (Sings) It's like life, we must cross

Rover: You little sister because

Cresella: I know we can and fun

Starlia: It may be rested this time

(But Catgut comes in Pound with a big jump)

Tokky: A cat?

Steveno: I have never seen this cat

Cresella: (Fear) It is very nasty

Rover: Who are you and what do you want?

Catgut: I'm Catgut and I came here to destroy the Pound Puppies.

Rover: We're the Neo Pound Puppies

Catgut: Is this a joke or what? I mean the Pound Puppies

Tokky: Pound Puppies?

Catgut: You do not know the Pound Puppies?

Pound Puppies: No


Catgut: (Vocals) Pound Puppies are a group of several breeds of members like you

(End Flashback)

Tokky: There are several breeds of members ?

Catgut: Yes, and I have not come here for that! I wonder who are you?

Rover: I am Rover and I am the leader of the group

Tokky: I'm Tokky

Starlia: I'm Starlia

Steveno: I'm Steveno

Cresella: And I'm Cresella

Pound Puppies: We are the Neo Pound Puppies

Catgut: It is not possible, I believe you are a new generation of Pound Puppies

Rover: Do you understand Catfat

Catgut (Anger) What! My name is Catgut not Catfat, stupid dog!

(Catgut jumps and attacks the Neo Pound Puppies with its claws)

Catgut (Anger) Aaahhhhhh!

Steveno: Attention!

(Pound Puppies shall avoid Catgut)

Catgut: You can not escape me this time!

(Catgut grabs Cresella by the collar)

Cresella: Help!

Starlia: Cresella!

Tokky: Oh no

Catgut: You are no longer malignant

Rover: (Anger) Leave my sister alone or else

Catgut: Or what my dog?

Rover: (Anger) Grrrr!

(So Rover pushes him and Catgut loose Cresella)

Rover: You're not hurt?

Cresella: No, and I'm fine big brother

Rover: I'm happy for you

Catgut: Stupid dog and it will pay you to do to me

(Catgut runs to Rover to attack him)

Rover: Okay, that's between you Catfat against me!

(Rover runs to Catgut for attack upon him)

Rover & Catgut: Grrrrrrrr!

(Catgut claw on Rover)

Starlia: Rover!

Catgut: (Laughing) I'm too strong

Rover: It's not over yet

Catgut: It is not possible

Rover: Oh possible Catfat!

(So Rover runs to Catgut with a mysterious red light)

Rover: Rrrrrrr!

Catgut: Oh no

(Rover attack on catgut)

Catgut: Ahhhhhhhh!

(After Catgut is injured)

Catgut: He's too strong for me

Rover: You leave Catfat

Catgut: Never

(After Catgut disappears)

(The red light disappears)

Tokky: I have never seen the light before

Steveno Yeah

Cresella: Oh unless he beat against that cursed cat

Rover: Yeah, I am strong to fighting

Starlia: I'm glad that this cat does not hurt thee

Rover: I'm invisible Starlia

(In Holly's Puppy Pound)

Blacky: What! You've been beaten by a dog

Catgut: But this dog is not normal and there was a very powerful power

Blacky: I see this dog and her remains of his group are a new generation of Pound Puppies

Catgut: Yes, their names are Rover who is the leader of the group with Tokky, Starlia, Steveno and even Cresella and they are the Neo Pound Puppies

Blacky: I think that we have powerful new enemies

Sharko: What we gonna do?

Darku: Yeah master

Blacky: It will be fine fun with them and they will see that it is also able to be very powerful

(The Chaos Dogs laughed)

The End


This is the first episode of the fan made spinoff, Pound Puppies 2015

Rover, Tokky, Starlia, Steveno and Cresella are the Neo Pound Puppies and also a new generation of Pound Puppies.

Blacky is the leader of the Chaos Dogs.

Cooler and the rest of the group appeared in Flashback when Catgut talking about them.

Holly's Pound drops after Holly is no longer working and that is the new home of the Chaos Dogs.

Catgut no longer lives with Katrina & Brattina Stoneheart and it works for Blacky.

Rover is the first dog that revealed his power during the fight.

This fan-made episode takes place thirty years after the fan series.

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